Empty head, full screen

22 March
Um, what am i doing here? Oh, crap.
ambitious plans, anti-millenialism, baking, ballroom dancing, bilgames, burlesque, café-tasse chocolate, cdbaby, church music, comparative theology, consensus over revolution, council of yemen, cultural catholics, debating, dry humor, eating good desserts, edward tufte, emergent behavior, epistemology, exploring, fabulous playboy lifestyle, false etymology, ganesha, gardening, gender roles, getting perspective, hacking organizations, historical conspiracy theory, information design, international development, international relations, knowing useless things, making candy, myth, nanotechnology, not being evil, not being photographed, not driving, ontology, outlasting nemeses, overanalysis, patronizing the arts, philanthropy, politics, programming, public transit, quoting lando, rambling, reducing tedium, reframing, ritual in small things, runes, seeing structure, setting jets, small applications, small theatre, software architecture, solving problems, sparklines, story, storytelling, subtext, subtle communication, symbolism in life, tango, the eu, the three-sentence rule, the unknown, theological snark, understatement, visualizing large data, walking, walking and exploring, word of mouth, wordless conversation, your mom